Enhance Youth Anti-Gray Serum | Defy Aging

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Enhance Youth Anti-Gray Serum | Defy Aging

$ 59.00 You Save: $-59.00
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Anti-Gray hair serum promotes natural hair color and protects hair against environmental factors and oxidative stress.

Delay gray hair and restore natural hair color with our clinically-tested, plant-based actives.

Our quick absorbing, light-weight hair serum dries off overnight.

✅ Fast-acting formula transforms your hair & and your confidence in just 90 days.

Defy agin and start looking younger today!

How to Use

Fill dropper and apply directly to thinning areas of scalp. Massage the serum into scalp with your fingertips.

This is a leave-in product, it dries out completely by the next morning. You will not need to wash your hair daily. Style your hair normally.

For best results, brush scalp vigorously with our thickening hair brush and then apply serum every night.

Serum works best when applied to dry hair.