Goldilocks Hair Brush

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Goldilocks Hair Brush

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Goldilocks Hair Brush

This hair brush has been designed to vitalize and invigorate your scalp to produce thicker, stronger and fuller hair.

When people experience hair thinning, they stop brushing their hair because they are afraid it will lead to more hair loss.

This leads to clogged pores and sebum, accumulation of dead skin cells and may even cause dandruff. The scalp becomes unhealthy.

Frequent brushing of your scalp improves circulation, removes dead skin cells and improves the health of your scalp.

Most plastic brushes contain harmful chemicals such as BPA. Plastic waste clogs up our oceans.

Our specially designed hair brush contains a bamboo handle and bamboo pins. This means it's 100% natural.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the earth and absorbs 30% more carbon dioxide than other plants. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on our planet.



Every night, vigorously brush your scalp 200 times with the Goldilocks brush.

After brushing, apply the Enhance hair serum all over your scalp. Leave on overnight.

Why You Should Avoid Plastic Brushes

1. Plastics leech off dangerous chemicals that can get into your body.

2. Plastics contain BPA and other compounds which upset hormone balance and are linked to obesity & cancer.

3. Plastic brushes are bad for the environment and pollute our oceans.

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Benefits of FullyVital Bamboo Hairbrush

1. It increases blood circulation and thickens your hair.

2. It gets rid of dead skin cells on the scalp and allows the scalp to absorb the serum better.

3. It re-distributes your oils from the scalp to your hair, making your hair look shiny and healthy.

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Here Are All The Brushes We Tried

Our team spent months testing many different brushes. Here are the factors we used to select the winner.

1. Must stimulate the scalp & increase blood flow.

2. Must not get caught in hair or pull hair out.

3. Must be sturdy and last for years.

4. Must be safe to use, even around children.

5. Must be easy to use with different sized hands.

After months of searching, we have a winner!
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