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Steeped In Science. Obsessed By Results.

We are a graceful aging company whose mission is to help you look and feel younger than your years.

It's not for vanity. It's because we want you to have the confidence and vitality that comes with knowing that you are living your life optimized.

Our first set of products target hair wellness from the inside out. It's time to say goodbye to the shame and anxiety of hair thinning.

1. Cross Discipline Scientific Innovation

We are the first company to bring together experts in hair wellness and anti-aging to help you grow thicker, stronger and fuller hair.

Our team includes world famous doctors, formulators and anti-aging experts. Because you deserve the best.

2. Relentless Focus On Results

Everything we do is focused on bringing you the results that you desire.

Our formulations are proven to work in just a few short months.

Our motto: if we don't get you results, we don't deserve your money.

3. Only Clean Ingredients (No Drugs, Ever)

We formulate our products with the cleanest ingredients.

We search all our ingredients through safety databases to make sure nothing we create can harm you.

This means no parabens, sulfates, phthlates, SLS, benzoates, and hundreds more. You get the gist.

Our Mission

To create powerful science-backed formulations to help people slow down and reverse aging so you can live a life full of confidence, passion and adventure.

Our products are clean and are designed with your vitality in mind.

Our Team And Scientific Advisors

Unlike other brands, we don't hide who we are.

Faraz Khan

Faraz Khan is an anti-aging and hair wellness expert. He hosts the popular Anti-Aging Hacks podcast from Los Angeles, CA. Faraz inherited hair thinning from his mother's side of the family (thanks mom).

His hair thinning started when he was a soccer athlete in college and led to years of anxiety, shame and a loss of confidence. He reluctantly got on a prescription drug and lived with side effects for many years. The drug didn't fully stop his hair loss and Faraz decided that he wanted to use a natural solution without sacrificing vitality.

In his quest to find a way out of this heavy burden that life had placed on him, he traveled the world in search of experts and explored dozens of solutions. It was only after he combined the knowledge across hair loss, anti-aging and wellness did he experience a renewed vitality of his hair.

Dr Sandra Kaufmann

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann is the author of the best selling book The Kaufmann Protocol: Why We Age And Why We Don't Have To. She is recognized as one of the world leaders in anti-aging and longevity. She is physician, scientist and athlete.

While working as the chief of pediatric anesthesia at Joe DiMaggio's hospital in Florida, Dr Kaufmann realized she was slipping into middle age. That realization struck her hard and she decided to do something about it. She spent years researching aging and synthesized her findings into the pathways of aging and the nutrients that can slow down or even reverse the aging of these pathways.