Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Enhance hair supplement help with hair growth?
At Fully Vital, we believe that you are the hero. Your body (and hair) knows exactly how to heal and sometimes it just needs a little help. We have designed this powerful botanical hair supplement to support your body.

Our effective science-backed nutrients help balance your hormones, stress and nutrition that is essential for hair growth. Your body will do the rest - grow healthy hair. Think of us as your coaches on your journey back to healthy hair and newfound confidence.
Is my hair loss due to hormones?
The #1 reason for women's (and men's) hair loss is due to hormones. Estrogen and progesterone start dropping around age 40, causing an imbalance. Our powerful supplement helps balance your hormones naturally so you can experience healthy hair growth without endless worrying.
How long does it take before I see results?
Due to the unique length of the hair cycle, hair growth takes time. You can expect to see decreased hair shedding in 1-2 months and your hair will start to feel healthier. Expect to see more pronounced results in months 3-4, with thicker, stronger and longer hair.
Will the Enhance hair supplement work for my hair type?
Yes! Enhance hair supplement feeds your hair follicles with powerful vitamins and minerals to boost their health and function. Since your hair follicle produces your hair strand, our supplement works for all hair types.
Is it natural? Is it free of drugs, allergens and chemicals?
Our formulations are 100% drug and chemical free free. They are also free of: GMOs, eggs, dairy, soy, gluten, peanuts, milk, ,tree nuts, wheat, shellfish, yeast, artificial flavors or artificial colors. We only believe in pure and natural ingredients.
Can I take Enhance hair supplement with hormone therapy?
When women get on testosterone therapy, they experience more hair loss. Testosterone converts to DHT, which travels to your hair follicles and causes hair thinning.
Our supplement gently balances DHT levels to fight hair thinning. Our ingredients have no known interactions with estrogen, progesterone or testosterone. Discuss your supplement routine with your doctor.
What if the Enhance hair supplement doesn't work for me?
We strongly believe that if we do not get you results, then we do not deserve your money. Your 100% satisfaction is important for us. We offer a 90-days Return & Exchange Policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

For returns, please email with the subject 'Returns' and include your order number, name and the reason for the return. We will provide you with instructions where to send returned goods.
Do you charge for shipping?
Our shipping policy is as follows:
Subscription orders and orders over $50 will have free shipping.
Orders under $50 will be charged a flat rate of $5.95.
How is Fully Vital different from all the other hair vitamins?
Our team is comprised of hair wellness experts, health and anti-aging experts. We have spent years reviewing the scientific data behind this supplement. We only formulate with natural, 100% drug free ingredients.
Will I grow hair in other parts of my body?
No, excess DHT causes your hair to thin and facial hair to grow. Our ingredients balance DHT so that your facial hair does not grow, but your scalp grows hair.
When I start using this supplement, will I shed more hair initially?
The hair that you falls out today actually disconnected from the hair shaft 2 months prior. So it's just dead hair - that's how our hair cycle works. Our supplement helps kick start hair growth so as new hairs start growing, they push the old hairs out. This means you're about to see new hair growth!