How We Created These Products

We spent years traveling the world for a science-backed and powerful formula to grow thicker, fuller and stronger hair.

Our journey led us to many countries, we attended hair loss conferences, met with hair transplant surgeons, holistic practitioners, eastern medicine experts, anti-aging doctors to find the perfect formulation.
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Just A Few Of The Experts We Interviewed

We interviewed dozens of experts all over the world. Here are just a few of the top hair experts we spent hours with.

1. Dr. Alan Bauman, hair transplant surgeon
2. William Gaunitz Trichologist, hair specialist
3. Dr. John Cole, hair transplant surgeon
4. Dr. Gorana Kuka, stem cell and exosome expert
5. Dr. Sharon Keene, hair loss expert
6. Dr. Dan Mcgrath, hair specialist
7. Dr Thierry Hertoghe, world-renowned hormone expert
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How We Are Different From Others

We focus ONLY on hair wellness. Our hair wellness system is formulated to get you thicker, stronger and fuller hair in record speed.

We have hair experts available to answer any of your questions. Call us, email us. We're here for you.
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Our Products Keep Getting Better

Our founder hosts a top-rated anti-aging podcast and he interviews some of the world leaders in health, wellness, anti-aging and longevity.

As we learn of breaking new research from world experts, we continue to innovate and evolve our product line to get you the best growth results.
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Powerful Science-Backed Ingredients

Our expert formulators spent months combining the top-rated ingredients from our extensive research.

Our ingredients have been proven in multiple scientific studies for safety and effectiveness.

We do the hard work behind the scenes so you can focus on growing thicker, fuller and stronger hair.
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Improved Delivery To Hair And Scalp

Our powerful ingredients would not be effective if we couldn't get them to where they were needed most - the scalp.

We spent many more months working on natural ways to support improved circulation to your scalp. This is just one of the reasons our products are so effective.
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100% Safe & Natural Ingredients

As leaders in hair wellness and anti-aging, we avoid chemicals and drugs. We are committed to creating powerful formulas that are healthy and safe to use every day.

Our products contain no chemicals, drugs, hormones, gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, gmo, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, SLS, parabens, sulphates, benzoates.

There are no known harmful side effects or long-term health risks associated with using our products. Fully Vital products are cruelty-free so they don't hurt animals either.
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Here Is What Is Not In Our Formulas


Originally created to treat prostrate enlargement, Finasteride has been used for male and female pattern baldness. It is not prescribed to women of reproductive age due to the high possibility of birth defects.

Finasteride can lead to lower sperm count, low libido and lead to erectile dysfunction in men.


Originally created to treat ulcers and high blood pressure, Minoxidil is regularly prescribed for hair loss. It acts as a vasodilator and improves circulation of blood to the scalp.

Minoxidil can cause side effects such as excess hair on the face and body, swelling of joints, edema and heart palpitations.

Steroids such as Spironolactone:

Spironolactone is prescribed by some doctors to treat hair thinning in women. It was originally used to treat fluid build-up and high blood pressure.

Side effects include nausea, vomiting, rashes, birth defects and a decreased desire for sex.

Scientific Data On Our Ingredients

Figure 1: Capixyl reduces conversion from Testosterone to DHT by reducing 5-alpha-reductase

Figure 2: Topical Melatonin stops hair thinning & improves hair density

Figure 3: Topical caffeine counteracts the shortening effects of testosterone and elongates hair shaft

Figure 4: Copper tri-peptides reduce conversion to DHT and increase cell viability