Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hair Growth Products

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hair Growth Products

Question & Answers

Q: What makes FullyVital different from others?

A: Firstly, we obsess over your hair growth results. That's our #1 goal. 

Secondly, we have experienced hair loss ourselves so we know the anxiety and shame that comes with this challenge.

Third, we have spent years traveling the world to find a natural way to regrow hair.

Fourth, we are open about who we are. With other companies, you have no idea who is selling these products, how they were made and if they actually work.

Q: How long will it take to see visible results?

A: Other people tell you to wait 3-6 months to see results. Our hair growth products are designed to show visible results in 60-75 days!

Q: Can I just use the hair vitamins? Why do I need the system?

A: Our full system is designed to get you FAST growth results. We combine the best techniques from the inside out and outside in. Using only the hair growth vitamins won't give you as good results as using the full hair growth system.

Q: What is the best time to brush and apply the serum?

A: We recommend you brush your scalp vigorously 100 times and apply the serum every evening. If you want to go above and beyond, use the brush/serum combo every morning and evening for even better results.

Q: I am afraid of vigorously brushing my scalp because my hair will fall out.

A: This is the fear that many people have. All the hair that falls out of your scalp daily actually disconnected from your hair follicles 2-3 months ago. This is how the hair cycle works.

You will see increased shedding when you first start brushing your scalp. Please rest assured that these are just disconnected hairs leaving your scalp.

New hair will grow out healthier and thicker than before. In just a few weeks, your daily shedding due to vigorous brushing will decrease by a huge amount.


Q: What is the best time of day to use the roller?

A: You can use the roller any time of the day. Make sure to apply our serum right after using our roller (while the channels are still open)

Q: How long should I leave the serum on my scalp?

A: We recommend leaving the serum on your scalp as long as possible, since it will help counteract the hormones and stressors. We encourage you to leave it on for at least 8 hours daily.

Even if you don't have the full 8 hours, go ahead and use the serum for a shorter time. Consistency is very important.

Q: How do I use the roller? 

A: We recommend removing the roller from its case and submerging it into 70%- 90% alcohol for 5-10 minutes before you use it. This will sanitize the roller. 

After its sanitized, apply medium pressure and roll it 8 times back and forth in multiple directions. Top to bottom, side to side, diagonal on one side, diagonal on the other side.

Q: Does the roller hurt?

A: The roller hurts a tiny bit in the very beginning. Once you get used to it, you won't notice the pain.

Q: How many times can I use the roller before replacing it?

A: We recommend you replace the roller every 3 months.

Q: Do I have to keep using the roller once or twice every week?

A: We recommend using the roller twice weekly during our ultimate hair growth plan to regrow hair fast. After 3 months, you can cut down to once per week and gauge your progress.

If you feel like you have made great progress, then you can use the roller once every two weeks, then once a month.

Q: What material is the roller made of?

A: Unlike other companies that make their rollers from cheap plastic materials, our roller is made of solid stainless steel.

Our needles are made from surgical grade stainless steel and individually placed on each roller. Our needles also undergo a manual inspection under a microscope to ensure quality.

Q: Should I be using the products on wet or dry hair?

A: We highly recommend you do not pull on your hair when it is wet. The hair cuticle is expanded and can be damaged quite easily when your hair is wet. Use our brush and serum on dry hair. You can use our roller on damp hair.

Q: What's the most important thing to remember?

A: Our most important tip is to stay consistent if you want fast results. This whole program can take only 3-5 minutes per day for most days of the week. Consistency is the key to getting the results you will love. So make sure to care for your hair everyday. Your future beautiful hair and confidence will thank you.

Q: Are the products natural?

A: Yes we are 100% natural. Our hairbrush is made of natural bamboo and is free from the plastics and chemicals.

Our serum is 100% natural, vegan and contains no chemicals, drugs or hormones.

Our supplement contains carefully sourced natural powerful ingredients to help you grow beautiful hair.

Our roller is made from surgical grade, individual stainless steel needles for best results.

Q: How do I measure and track my results?

A: Make sure to take pictures from many angles of your hair before starting our ultimate hair growth plan.

Take pictures every 30 days in the same lighting and from the same angles to track progress. Many of our customers see great progress in as early as 60 days.

How We Created This Hair Growth Plan

We have spent years traveling the world looking for natural solutions to regrow hair. Our journey took us to many cities and countries as shown below.

FullyVital World Travels

We talked to holistic experts, hormone experts, hair transplant surgeons, hair loss researchers, pharmaceutical reps and consumed hundreds of scientific papers to create our plan.

Here are just a few of the world experts we interviewed.

Hair loss experts

1. Dr. Alan Bauman, hair transplant surgeon

2. Dr. John Cole, hair transplant surgeon

3. Dr. Gorana Kuka, stem cell and exosomes expert

4. Dr. Sharon Keene, hair loss expert

5. Dr. Dan Mcgrath, hair specialist

6. Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, hormone expert

and many, many more...

After years of research, we compiled the best natural hair growth ingredients and techniques into a simple system you can use to grow thicker, fuller hair that you deserve.

In addition, we regularly interview the world's top experts in health and anti-aging to keep improving our formula. Here is our founders's podcast.

Faraz Khan Anti-Aging Hacks podcast