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Austin, Texas


Rochester Institute of Tech


Hair Growth, Anti-Aging

  • Faraz Khan hosts the popular podcast Anti-Aging Hacks, focusing on hair growth, anti-aging and longevity.
  • Faraz is the founder of FullyVital - a beauty company focusing on natural hair wellness products
  • Faraz has been interviewed on many leading podcasts including Biohacking Superhuman Performance with Nathalie Niddam, The Thyroid Fixer with Dr. Amie Hornaman and Unlock The Sugar Shackles with Danielle Hamilton


Faraz Khan started his career in technology, then switched to helping media and life sciences companies as a management consultant.

Faraz started his Anti-Aging Hacks podcast in 2019, where he interviews some of the big minds in longevity, anti-aging, hair growth and health.

Faraz has been a podcast guest on many leading podcasts and is focused on finding and sharing natural ways to help individuals slow down and reverse the aging process.

Hair Loss And Hair Thinning Experience

Faraz struggled with hair thinning and hair loss for over 15 years.

He embarked on a personal quest to stop the embarrassment of hair loss. He tried oils, shampoos, biotin, naturopathic products, essential oils, PRP, pharmaceuticals and many more products.

He noticed his hair thinning slowed down, but it did not stop. After Faraz started his anti-aging podcast, he traveled the world to find top experts in the world of hair loss.

He interviewed hair transplant surgeons, PRP and stem cell experts, trichologists, dermatologists and eastern medicine practitioners to create a set of products that helped him reverse hair thinning.

After years of research and formulation alongside world-class formulators and chemists, Faraz launched the FullyVital hair growth products.


Faraz Khan has an bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a masters degree in computer science from Rochester Institute of Technology.

You can find Faraz on linkedin, instagram and twitter.

You can also find his Anti-Aging Hacks podcast here.

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