How Kristin Regrew Her Hair After Extreme Hair Loss

How Kristin Regrew Her Hair After Extreme Hair Loss

This is a heart warming story of a woman who got through EXTREME hair thinning and regain her hope, confidence and happiness.

Who Is Kristin Weitzel

Founder of SHERPA Breath and Cold and Warrior Woman Mode, Kristin is a renowned women’s health expert who has been featured on media and stages around the world.

She is a health and high-performance maven, nutrition specialist, certified fitness trainer, breathwork, and deliberate cold exposure master coach with a focus on guiding people into improved health.

Kristin also hosts the WELLPOWER Podcast expanding biohacking with an even broader audience; including ways women can align with their hormonal cycles, and just how far we all can go in the pursuit of optimal performance.

Kristin can be found at @warriorwomanmode.



How Kristin Lost EXTREME Amounts Of Hair

Kristin contracted the viral infection in December 2021. Kristin is very healthy and was able to get over the virus relatively quickly.

However, 3 months later she noticed EXTREME amounts of hair loss. Her hair was coming out in handfuls every time she showered.

She was finding hair all over her house. The EXTREME hair loss continued for months.

How Kristin Felt About The Hair Loss

Kristin got emotional about her hair loss quite often.

She did not know who to turn to and where to get answers to stop the loss.

She got teary eyed many days and nights trying to find how to stop her hair loss. Her identity was tied to having big blonde curly hairs.

She kept having to imagine what it would feel like to not have hair.

She did not feel confident being in front of people and being on the camera.

How Kristin Stopped Hair Loss & Grew Back Her Hair

Kristin started using the FullyVital hair growth system in March 2022. 

She was initially afraid to brush her hair because she thought more hair would fall out.

But she got past her fears and decided to use the entire system consistently every single day.

In just a few weeks, her hair thinning stopped completely. 

Within a couple of months, she started to see tiny baby hairs starting to along her hairline and all over her scalp.

In 4 months, she is seeing the baby hairs grow longer and she is seeing even more regrowth.

How Kristin Feels About Her Hair Now

Kristin is so relieved that she is past the dark phase of her hair loss.

Every day she sees her tiny hairs and feels confident about herself.

She is excited to be on camera again and in front of people.



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