Purple Shampoo: Your Key to Brilliant, Toned Hair - Expert Tips & Top Products!

Purple Shampoo: Your Key to Brilliant, Toned Hair - Expert Tips & Top Products!

Purple shampoo is your secret weapon for maintaining fresh, bright, and toned hair, especially for blondes and those with silver strands.

It neutralizes unwanted brassiness, making your hair look cooler and truer to tone.

Fully Vital understands the importance of vibrant hair and is here to provide expert tips and top products to help you achieve salon-like brilliance at home.

Say goodbye to brassiness and hello to fabulous locks!

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Understanding Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is your go-to solution for maintaining color-treated hair, especially for blondes and those with silver strands.

It counters yellow tones by depositing violet pigment, restoring a cool, clean hue.

Use it once or twice a week, leaving it on for a few minutes, then rinse for best results.

It's not just for blondes; it works for brown hair with highlights too.

Choose a quality product suitable for your hair type.

Pair it with our hair growth solutions for vibrant, healthy locks.

The Benefits Of Using Purple Shampoo

There's more to purple shampoo than meets the eye and its benefits go beyond merely keeping your color looking cool.

Here's how using purple shampoo can seriously up your hair care game:

Keeps Your Color Consistent

No one likes the sudden surprise of yellow tones muddying the coolness of their color.

With regular use, purple shampoo helps to maintain your hair's color consistency, ensuring that your locks stay as vibrant and even as the day you dyed them.

Saves Time and Money

By prolonging the life of your hair color, purple shampoo saves you frequent trips to the salon for touch-ups.

This means you're not only saving time but also your hard-earned money.

Enhances Shine

When the brass is banished, what you're left with is a brighter, more radiant hue. Purple shampoo can help give your hair that extra shine, making it look healthier and more alive.

Versatile for Various Shades

Whether you're a platinum blonde, a cool brunette with light highlights, or somewhere in between, purple shampoo is versatile enough to benefit a range of hair colors.

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Easy to Use

Simplicity is key, and purple shampoo fits right into your regular hair care routine with ease.

Swap it with your normal shampoo once or twice a week, and voila – you've stepped up your hair game with minimal effort.

Gentle Hair Care

While some hair products may be harsh, leading to damaged hair, many purple shampoos are formulated to be gentle enough for frequent use, leaving your hair feeling soft and healthy.

Boosts Confidence

Knowing your hair looks its best can give you a serious confidence boost.

With the help of purple shampoo, you can carry the fresh, sleek, salon-look with you every day.

Easy to Use

Choosing The Right Purple Shampoo For Your Hair Type

Choosing the correct purple shampoo for your hair type can make all the difference.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind to select the best one for your tresses:

For Fine Or Dry Hair

If your hair is on the fine or dry side, look for a purple shampoo that's hydrating.

You want something that will tone your hair without weighing it down or stripping away essential moisture.1

Look for labels that say "sulfate-free" or contain nourishing ingredients like oils or proteins.

For Thick Or Coarse Hair

For those with thick or coarse hair, a more potent purple shampoo may be necessary to penetrate and tone effectively.2

While your hair can handle a heavier formula, make sure it's still hydrating to keep your strands healthy and smooth.

For Curly Or Wavy Hair

Curly and wavy hair types should opt for a purple shampoo specifically designed for their texture.3

These are typically more moisturizing and help maintain the hair’s natural bounce and definition while doing the job of toning down brassiness.

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For Damaged Or Over-Processed Hair

If you've put your hair through the wringer with coloring, heat styling, or chemical treatments, a purple shampoo with added repair and protection benefits is your go-to.

Look for products that boast reparative properties, such as keratin or bond-building technology.

For Platinum Or Silver Hair

If you're flaunting platinum blonde or silver shades, a highly pigmented purple shampoo will be your best friend.

These stronger formulas are perfect for those lighter colors that tend to go brassy more quickly than darker tones.

Just make sure to follow the timing instructions to avoid over-toning.

Consider Your Hair Goals

If hair growth and health are your priorities (and we bet they are), consider your purple shampoo as part of your larger hair care regimen.

It should work in tandem with the products you use to encourage hair growth and overall scalp health.

Purple Shampoo Vs Traditional Shampoo

The traditional shampoo is your daily cleanser for hair and scalp, while the purple shampoo is a color-correcting specialist.

Use traditional shampoo for regular hygiene, and purple shampoo occasionally (once or twice a week) to balance out yellow and brass tones in color-treated hair.

Be cautious not to overuse purple shampoo to avoid purple tinges.

Purple shampoo is gentler on color-treated hair and helps maintain its integrity.

They complement each other, with traditional shampoo ensuring cleanliness and purple shampoo preserving vibrant color.

Together, they create a winning combo for salon-fresh hair.

DIY Purple Shampoo: Is It Worth It?

Creating a DIY purple shampoo at home may seem appealing, but it has its drawbacks.

Mixing purple dye with regular shampoo can result in unpredictable outcomes, from lavender locks to ineffectiveness.

Commercial purple shampoos have carefully calibrated pigments and hair-nourishing ingredients.

They offer consistency and a longer shelf life, while DIY mixtures lack preservatives.

Consider the time, effort, and potential risks involved in making your own purple shampoo.

For reliable results and hair health, it's often best to trust professional products designed for the purpose.

DIY Purple Shampoo

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Final Thoughts On Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is a game-changer for anyone wanting to keep their hair color looking as fresh and vibrant as the day it was dyed.

It's a simple, yet effective solution to banish brassiness and revitalize your locks.

Remember, the right purple shampoo can make all the difference—so consider your hair type and choose a product that will gently tone while supporting your overall hair health.

Pairing a high-quality purple shampoo with your regular hair care routine is the secret to maintaining that brilliant, salon-worthy color every day.

While DIY options might tickle your fancy, sticking with specially formulated products is usually the safer bet for gorgeous, toned results.

At Fully Vital, we're all about embracing hair care that makes you look and feel fully vital—because when your hair thrives, so do you.

So go ahead, give the purple shampoo a try, and watch your hair thank you with stunning vibrance and shine!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Purple Shampoo

How does purple shampoo work?

Purple shampoo contains violet pigments that help to neutralize yellow and brassy tones in lighter hair.

When you wash your hair with purple shampoo, these pigments adhere to the hair strands and counteract any unwanted warmth.

This leaves your hair looking cooler and more brilliant in tone.

Who should use purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a great match for individuals with blonde, platinum, silver, or grey hair who want to maintain a vibrant, salon-fresh color.

It's also handy for those who have highlights or balayage with lighter pieces that can turn brassy over time.

Can purple shampoo be used on any hair color?

While purple shampoo is specifically designed for those with light-colored hair, darker hair with blonde highlights or ombre can also benefit from its toning effect.

However, it's not recommended for those with purely dark hair as it might not provide the desired effect.

What does purple shampoo do to blonde hair?

Purple shampoo helps maintain the beautiful, cool tones in blonde hair.

It combats brassiness and yellowing, which keeps your blonde hair looking fresh and bright, just like after a professional color treatment.

How often should I use purple shampoo?

Typically, you should use purple shampoo once or twice a week, alternating it with your regular shampoo.

It's important not to overdo it, as too much can leave a slight lavender tint or make your hair look dull.

What type of purple shampoo is best for my hair?

The best type of purple shampoo for your hair will be gentle yet effective in toning out brassiness.

Consider your hair type, whether you have fine, thick, or curly hair, and if your hair is treated or natural.

Look for products that also moisturize and protect your hair.

What are some top recommended purple shampoo products?

Some top purple shampoos include the Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo, the Matrix Total Results So Silver, and the Redken Color Extend Blondage.

Always look for products that align with your hair needs and type.

Can I use purple shampoo every day?

It's not recommended to use purple shampoo daily.

Overuse can lead to hair acquiring a purple tint or becoming dull and over-toned.

Stick to once or twice a week to keep your hair color looking just right.

Does purple shampoo damage hair?

When used correctly, purple shampoo does not damage hair.

However, like any hair-cleansing product, it can cause dryness if overused.

It's important to follow instructions and pair it with conditioners and treatments to maintain hair health.

Can purple shampoo dry out my hair?

Yes, purple shampoo can potentially dry out your hair if used too frequently or left on for too long.

It's key to use it in moderation and follow up with a hydrating conditioner or hair mask to keep your locks moisturized and healthy.


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