All About Tousled: A Natural Approach to Hair

Tousled hair

If you're looking for a natural way to stimulate hair growth, you've probably come across the term "tousled."

In this article, we'll explore what tousled is, why it's essential, how it works, its benefits, and any potential downsides, and explore some alternative options.

So, let's dive in!

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What Is Tousled?

Tousled refers to a specific hair care technique that involves gently massaging and scrunching your hair to create natural, loose waves and curls.(1)

This technique is particularly popular among women of all hair types who desire a more effortless and textured look.(2)

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, tousled is also believed to offer benefits for promoting hair growth.


Woman with tousled hair in yellow dress

Why Is Tousled Important For Hair Growth?

Tousled hair is not only a stylish trend but can also contribute to healthier-looking hair.(3)

When you tousle your hair, you're increasing blood circulation to the scalp, which can enhance the delivery of essential nutrients to hair follicles.

This increased blood flow and stimulation of the scalp may help promote hair growth and overall hair health.

How Does Tousled Work?

Tousling your hair is a simple and easy process. Follow these steps to achieve those beautiful, natural waves:

  • Prep Your Hair: Start with slightly damp hair. You can either towel-dry your hair gently or use a heat-protectant spray before tousling.

  • Apply a Texturizing Product: Use a texturizing product that suits your hair type (e.g., mousse, sea salt spray, or hair oil) to enhance the tousled effect.

  • Section Your Hair: Divide your hair into manageable sections, so it's easier to work with.

  • Tousle Away: Take one section of hair and gently scrunch it from the ends towards the roots. Repeat this with all sections of your hair.

  • Let It Set: Allow your tousled hair to air dry or use a diffuser on low heat to speed up the process.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Tousled?

    Tousled hair comes with several benefits:

    Natural and Effortless Look

    Tousled hair offers a relaxed and beachy appearance, perfect for any occasion.

    Hair Volume

    The technique adds volume and body to fine or flat hair, giving it a fuller appearance.

    Minimal Heat Damage

    Unlike using hot styling tools, tousling involves little to no heat, reducing the risk of hair damage.

    Promotes Hair Growth

    As mentioned earlier, scalp stimulation from tousled hair may encourage hair growth.


    It's a quick and easy way to style your hair without much effort.


    Are There Any Downsides To Tousled?

    While tousled hair is generally well-received, it's essential to consider a few potential downsides:

    • Frizz: Tousling may lead to frizz, especially for those with naturally frizzy hair. Using anti-frizz products can help.

    • Not Suitable for All Hair Types: While tousled works for many, people with extremely straight or short hair may find it challenging to achieve the desired effect.

    What Are The Alternatives To Tousled?

    If you're not a fan of tousled hair or want to explore other options, consider the following alternatives:


    Braiding your hair can create beautiful waves when undone, without any heat damage.

    Curling Irons/Wands

    Using these tools, you can achieve more defined curls and waves.


    Hair rollers are a heat-free way to achieve curls and volume.

    Hair Extensions

    If you want an instant and different hairstyle, consider hair extensions.

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    What Is The Best Way To Brush Tousled Hair?

    Tousled hair is meant to have a natural and undone look, so avoid excessive brushing, which can disrupt the texture and waves. I

    nstead, follow these tips:

    1. Use a Wide-Tooth Comb: Opt for a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your hair without flattening the tousled texture.

    2. Start from the Ends: Begin combing from the ends of your hair and work your way upwards. This approach helps prevent breakage and preserves the tousled effect.

    3. Avoid Over-Brushing: Only brush your hair when necessary, such as to remove tangles or knots. Remember, the charm of tousled hair lies in its effortless appearance.

    What Is The Difference Between Tousled And Messy Hair?

    While both tousled and messy hair exudes a carefree vibe, they have some distinct differences:

    Tousled Hair:

    • Intentional Styling: Tousled hair is achieved through a deliberate styling technique involving scrunching and twisting to create defined waves and curls.

    • Controlled Texture: Tousled hair typically has a more controlled and intentional texture, with a balance of waves and curls.

    • Effortless Elegance: It offers a relaxed yet chic appearance that looks effortless.

    Messy Hair:

    • Unintentional Look: Messy hair often appears more haphazard and unplanned, as if you just rolled out of bed.

    • Varied Texture: Messy hair can include a mix of straight strands, waves, and random curls, without a consistent pattern.

    • Edgy and Casual: Messy hair embraces a more carefree and edgy style, perfect for a relaxed and casual day.

    What Is The Difference Between Tousled And Bedhead Hair?

    Although tousled and bedhead hair shares some similarities, they have distinct characteristics:

    Tousled Hair:

    • Styling Technique: Tousled hair involves intentional scrunching and twisting to create waves and curls.

    • Texture and Volume: Tousled hair typically has more defined waves and enhanced volume due to the texturizing products used.

    • Polished Effortlessness: It has a polished and deliberate appearance, conveying a sense of effortless elegance.

    Bedhead Hair:

    • Unintentional Look: Bedhead hair is the result of waking up with tousled hair after a night's sleep.

    • Natural Texture: It retains the natural texture of your hair without the use of styling products.

    • Casual and Untamed: Bedhead hair embraces an unstructured and relaxed look, capturing the essence of just-rolled-out-of-bed charm.

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    Final Thoughts On Tousled

    Tousled Hair offers more than just a trendy and effortless look.

    It's a hair care technique that can potentially promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp and increasing blood circulation.

    Embracing tousled hair allows women of all hair types to enjoy voluminous, textured locks that exude natural beauty.

    At Fully Vital, we understand the importance of a healthy relationship with your hair.

    That's why we offer a variety of hair growth products designed to stop the aging of your hair and support its overall health.

    Explore our range of hair care solutions to nourish your locks from root to tip, so you can confidently rock your tousled hair while promoting its well-being.

    Remember, whether you're looking to enhance your natural waves or create beautiful curls, tousled hair can be achieved with a few simple steps.

    Embrace this styling technique and enjoy the benefits of both a chic appearance and the potential promotion of hair growth.

    Happy tousling!


    Frequently Asked Questions about Tousled

    Can tousle work on all hair lengths?

    While tousled is more commonly associated with medium to long hair, it can also add texture and volume to shorter hair with the right technique.


    Will tousling damage my hair?

    When done correctly and without excessive heat, tousled hair is a gentle styling technique that shouldn't cause significant damage to your hair.


    How long does tousled hair last?

    The longevity of tousled hair varies depending on your hair type and the products used.

    On average, it can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.


    Can I tousle my hair every day?

    Tousling your hair daily is generally safe, but it's essential to strike a balance and avoid excessive manipulation, which could potentially lead to damage.


    Is tousled suitable for fine hair?

    Yes, tousled hair can add volume to fine hair, making it a popular choice for those with less voluminous hair.


    Can I tousle my hair without using any products?

    While products can enhance the tousling effect, you can still achieve a tousled look without them.

    However, using a texturizing product may help the style last longer.


     How do you get tousled hair without frizz?

    To achieve tousled hair without frizz, consider the following tips:

    • Choose the Right Products: Opt for lightweight and anti-frizz texturizing products to enhance waves and curls without weighing down your hair or causing frizz.

    • Avoid Over-Manipulation: Excessive scrunching or touching of your hair can lead to frizz. Instead, scrunch gently and let your hair air dry to minimize frizz.

    • Use a Microfiber Towel or T-shirt: Ditch regular towels for drying your hair and use a microfiber towel or a soft cotton T-shirt. These materials create less friction and reduce frizz.

    • Limit Heat Styling: Minimize the use of heat styling tools like blow dryers and straighteners, as heat can contribute to frizz. Embrace your hair's natural texture and let it air dry as often as possible.

    How do you get tousled hair with waves?

    To achieve tousled hair with waves, follow these steps:

    1. Preparation: Start with damp hair. You can let it air dry partially or use a diffuser on low heat.

    2. Wave-Enhancing Product: Apply a sea salt spray or a curl-enhancing mousse to enhance your natural waves.

    3. Section Your Hair: Divide your hair into smaller sections for easier tousling.

    4. Tousling Technique: Gently scrunch and twist each section of hair to encourage the natural wave pattern.

    5. Let It Set: Allow your hair to dry completely to set the waves, then lightly shake your hair to loosen the curls for a tousled effect.

    How do you get tousled hair with curls?

    To achieve tousled hair with curls, try these steps:

    1. Preparation: Begin with slightly damp hair. You can apply a curl-enhancing cream or gel to define your curls.

    2. Section Your Hair: Divide your hair into small sections for easier manipulation.

    3. Tousle Your Curls: Use your fingers to scrunch and twist each curl gently.

    4. Air Dry or Diffuse: Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser on low heat to preserve the curls' definition and create a tousled look.

    How do you get tousled hair with long hair?

    Tousling long hair can be just as achievable. Here's how:

    • Preparation: Start with damp hair, either towel-dried or slightly misted with water.

    • Product Application: Apply a lightweight texturizing product or a leave-in conditioner to add hold and definition.

    • Sectioning: Divide your long hair into manageable sections to tousle more effectively.

    • Tousling Technique: Gently scrunch and twist each section of hair from the ends to the roots to create loose waves.

    • Drying: Allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser on low heat for quicker results.

    How do you get tousled hair with short hair?

    Short hair can look effortlessly tousled too.

    Here's how to achieve the look:

    • Preparation: Begin with slightly damp hair. You can towel-dry it gently or use a heat-protectant spray.

    • Product Application: Apply a lightweight styling cream or a texturizing product suitable for short hair.

    • Tousling Technique: Use your fingers to scrunch and tousle your hair in small sections, creating texture and volume.

    • Air Dry: Allow your hair to air dry for a natural tousled appearance.


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