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Gold & Grow Roller

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Gold & Grow Roller

Introducing our luxurious gold colored roller to help you grow thicker, stronger and longer hair.

The gorgeous Gold and Grow Roller is designed to stimulate your hair follicles to start creating new hair, and to enhance and thicken existing hair.

Use once a week for best results. It takes just a few minutes.

Our optimum needle length has been proven in multiple scientific studies to regrow new hair.

The roller gently opens up channels in your scalp to allow the Enhance hair serum to get deeper into your hair follicles and energize them for faster hair growth.

When you use the roller on your scalp, your body improves blood circulation  and stimulates new collagen and elastin.

This creates a radiant, smooth scalp which grows thicker, stronger hair.

Our needle tips are made of the highest quality surgical stainless steel. Guaranteed to be safe on your skin.

Each of our needles is examined under a microscope to ensure quality and safety for your comfort.

Unlike other companies that sell you cheap disc rollers, our 250 ultra-fine needles are individually placed into the roller by hand.

Get started with the luxurious Gold and Grow Roller today - and start LOVING your hair.