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fully vital hair reviews sanie keller

How Sanie Felt About Hair Loss

I felt like my hair was falling out every day in the shower, in the hairbrush.

It was brittle and dry. And every time I ran a hairbrush through it, I was so worried it was just gonna break off.

And I didn't really feel like there was a good way for me to hide what was going on.

"One of the things that stressed me out the most was knowing that hair isn't just gonna grow back overnight."

If you lose a clump of hair in a week to two weeks, it's not gonna grow out to be the full length of your hair.

There's no miracle product that's gonna do it.

And so in my head I am thinking this is gonna be like a one to two year journey to feel confident again.

How Sanie Started Experiencing Hair Loss

I first started experiencing hair loss in two different seasons.

One was in 2020 in the pandemic and the second was in 2022. Both times from extreme stress.

And as someone who's in my late twenties, it was honestly pretty shocking because I never thought that this was a problem I would ever have so young in my life.

And I think the combination of stress, hair loss, being young and having this issue, I didn't feel like there was really anyone else who was having the problems that I was having.

"That was the snowball where I was stressed out, so I was losing my hair, and losing my hair stressed me out, which was making me lose more hair."

This led me to look for hair growth solutions.

How Did Sanie Find Hair Growth Products?

There didn't really seem a great way to break that cycle of stress and hair loss.

So I started doing just massive internet research for hours.

And I tried so many different kinds of supplements, hair oils, treatments, masks, scalp products.

The big thing for me is that I wanted completely natural products to make sure that I wasn't putting anything on my hair that could possibly make it fall out more or damage it.

And for the products that I used, I noticed that they were strengthening my hair.

I did feel my hair feel a little bit thicker and I didn't feel as afraid to brush it.

But outside of being, of getting more strength in my hair, none of the products that I tried or the treatments that I did actually grew my hair.

Sanie's Experience With Fully Vital Hair Growth Products

fully vital hair growth reviews Sanie

So coming into Fully Vital, that's where I actually noticed hair growth.

That was way different than any other product that I tried. and I felt it pretty quick too.

So I started using the hair growth serum, the hair supplements, and the derma roller and the bamboo hair brush.

And with the serum, I think especially using that twice a day, I noticed after a week or two it was pretty quick that all over my scalp was just kind of tingly.

And I had this feeling, I think this is a bunch of new hair growing and they're kind of just like tingling their way outta my scalp.

It sounds a little strange, but I thought that that's what was happening.

And sure enough, after another two weeks, at the three to four week mark now, I noticed that when I would run my fingers through my hair, that right at the scalp, it just felt a little bit thicker and like a little more weighted than normal.

"I just felt so excited because I knew that that was new hair growth coming in."

And I knew that that meant that I wasn't gonna have to wait two years for this problem to be fixed.

And sure enough, about a month after that, so we're at the two month mark, I went to the hairdresser, she noticed all this new hair growth when she was blow drying my hair.

And it was pretty impressive.

"It was several inches of hair that had grown out that was brand new, and it's been a pretty uplifting experience."

Made me feel great.

How Has Sanie's Life Changed Since Using Fully Vital?

I think the biggest thing is renewing my sense of confidence in myself.

And also the hope and kind of the knowing that this problem is gonna be fixed and it's not completely hopeless and I'm not just the mercy of time.

I can actually do something about it and I can be a little bit more in control of that.

Does Sanie Recommend Fully Vital?

So if you're thinking about starting Fully Vital, absolutely do it.

I never thought that I would use a hair growth product and I was really apprehensive to trying a lot of different ones.

But I wanted something clean. This is clean. I wanted something that was actually gonna work, and I noticed it really quick.

So if you're thinking about it, don't spend any more time researching. Just go ahead and try Fully Vital.

Sanie's Hair Growth Routine


Sanie uses:

1. FullyVital hair growth vitamins twice a day with meals.

2. FullyVital hair growth serum twice a day on her scalp.

3. FullyVital bamboo brush daily to brush her scalp.

4. FullyVital derma roller weekly to activate new regrowth.

Get started with FullyVital hair growth bundle.

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