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Enhance Hair Vitamins & Serum (2 Pack)

$ 218.00 $240.00 You Save: $22.00

Enhance Hair Vitamins & Serum (2 Pack)

$ 218.00 $240.00 You Save: $22.00
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Product Description


Get our hair growth power duo for your hair wellness journey.

The Enhance hair supplement contains powerful superfoods and vitamins to boost hair wellness from within. The Enhance hair serum contains powerful plant actives to boost hair wellness and scalp health from the outside.

Use the power duo along with our brush and roller for the ultimate hair transformation. 

Our ingredients are free of chemicals, drugs and hormones. We use plant based superfoods and actives to give your body all that it needs to start growing thicker, fuller and stronger hair.

Stop worrying about your hair and start living your most confident and adventurous life.