How Brushing Your Scalp Vigorously Creates Thicker, Fuller Hair

How Brushing Your Scalp Vigorously Creates Thicker, Fuller Hair

Your grandmother might have told you to brush your hair 100 times a day...

But we seem to have forgotten that tradition.

Was it just an old wive's tale, or are there real benefits of brushing your hair 100 times a day?

What if you're experiencing hair thinning? Does it still make sense to brush your hair?

Read on to learn the answers...


The Benefits Of Brushing Your Scalp

1. Brushing your scalp vigorously stimulates improved circulation to your scalp.

Improved circulation to the scalp brings oxygen and vital nutrients that help your hair follicles produce thicker and healthier hair.

2. Brushing your scalp exfoliates dead skin cells from your scalp.

When you exfoliate dead skin cells from your scalp, you clear out the cells that may be clogging up your pores.

It's similar to exfoliating your face.

Exfoliating dead skin cells from your scalp also allows hair serums to penetrate more effectively.

3. Brushing your scalp distributes your natural oils.

When you brush your scalp, the brush naturally redistributes your oils from your scalp to your hair strands. 

This makes your hair appear shiny and healthy. It also removes the sebum or oils from your scalp, which most people prefer.


Doesn't Brushing Scalp Cause Hair Loss? 

Many people worry that brushing their scalp vigorously will cause more hair to fall out. 

Here is an interesting fact: the hair that falls out today already disconnected from the hair follicles 2 months prior.

This is how the hair cycle works...

If you see extra shedding initially, it's just your scalp making room for new hair growth.

The shedding will go down drastically in just 3 weeks.


How To Brush Your Scalp

FullyVital recommends vigorously brushing your scalp 200 times every evening to really get the circulation flowing, which brings oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles.

Next, apply a hair serum to balance hormones and help grow thicker, fuller hair.

This 1-2 combination of brush and serum is quite effective.

You can also brush your scalp in the morning and at night. More circulation = better hair.


What Kind Of Brush To Use

1. Use a natural brush without plastics: Many common household items are made of plastic, which can leech hormone disrupting chemicals into your body.

These hormone disrupting chemicals can upset the balance of your hormones, causing unintended consequences such as hair loss and more.

In many instances, plastics release BPA's which are known to be associated with obesity and cancer.

It's best to avoid using plastics in your personal care products.

Instead, we recommend wood or bamboo materials as those are natural, eco-friendly and do not impact your hormones or your health.

2. Use a brush with wide teeth: Brushes with narrow teeth can get caught in your hair and pull out your hair. 

That is why we recommend wide tooth combs and brushes so they can glide through hair without getting caught. 

This allows you to get the benefits of increased circulation without hair being pulled out.

Check out the FullyVital hairbrush - it's designed to help you get thicker, fuller hair.


Can You Brush Wet Or Dry Hair?

When your hair is wet, the cuticle opens and expands. 

While the cuticle is expanded, your hair is most prone to damage.

We do not recommend brushing or vigorously treating wet hair. 

It's best to brush dry hair to avoid damage to hair strands.



Brushing your scalp has tremendous benefits for your hair health and thickness. 

Brushing does not cause additional hair loss.

When used alongside a hair serum and a hair wellness system, brushing can be very effective.

Use a natural brush with wide teeth to avoid pulling out hair.

Check out the FullyVital hair growth system to get thicker, fuller and stronger hair starting in 60 days!