Are Extensions Harmful For Your Hair?

Are Extensions Harmful For Your Hair?

There are countless stunning women on social media.

In every post, it’s impossible to miss how good their hair looks.

It’s undeniable how hair extensions do so much for you.

Of course, who doesn’t enjoy styling and flipping long hair?

The thickness and volume can make you look and feel good.

Ultimately, hair extensions help boost your self-confidence!

However, there’s a possibility of these accessories ruining your natural hair. Many will disagree, but it’s unfortunately true.

How do extensions become harmful?

Extensions Cause Hair Loss

The main downside of wearing extensions is that it causes hair loss.

This is especially true if you use them without guidance from professionals.

Generally, extensions pull on your real hair and create pressure.

If you don’t handle and maintain them properly, extensions cause hair thinning or even permanent hair loss (traction alopecia).


According to Healthline, traction alopecia is caused by repeatedly pulling on your hair.

If you always wear your hair in a tight ponytail, bun, or braid, you’re at risk for this condition!

The same pulling also happens when you wear extensions.

Even if you rely on professional hairstylists for your weave of extensions, there will be pulling.

Stripping and Adding Pressure

Apart from the pulling, extensions also harm your real hair through the bonding glue.

The glue strips the protective layers of your natural hair.

The additional weight of your synthetic hair also adds tension to your hair follicles, eventually causing your real hair to fall out.

Hair thinning and hair loss because of extensions can happen to everyone — even celebrities.

One celebrity who has shared their experience with extensions is Jennifer Aniston. She was famous for her hairstyle of the 1990s!

However, in an interview with MSNBC, she said that she cut her hair because extensions damaged her natural hair.

“My real hair was getting thinned out again from all the extensions. It was starting to look fake.”

Proper Way To Use Extensions

You can still wear extensions if you want to.

However, to avoid hair thinning or permanent hair loss, you need to use extensions sparingly.

Here are more tips on using extensions:

  • Consider your lifestyle in choosing the type of hair extensions.
  • Invest in high-quality extensions.
  • Commit to the maintenance work.
  • When it’s time to let go, let go!

Also, focus more on your real hair instead. Have a healthy diet to keep your real hair strong, so you’ll keep your crowning glory shining with or without hair extensions.

Have a hair care routine that can keep your hair clean and healthy.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner, and always consider your hair type when using products.

Lastly, take a hair supplement that contains powerful hair-healthy superfoods and antioxidants!

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