Is Good Circulation Important For Healthy Hair Growth?

Is Good Circulation Important For Healthy Hair Growth?

You've probably heard of the importance of good circulation for healthy hair and overall wellness.

But does blood circulation really matter when it comes to your hair?

Does reduced circulation cause hair thinning - and what does the scientific evidence support?

Let's examine the data.

Does Reduced Blood Circulation Cause Hair Thinning?

Many hair researchers believe that there is ample blood circulation in all scalps, even in scalps with thinning hair. The share that they notice plenty of blood when they cut into balding scalps.

But because the science of hair loss is a bit more complicated, let's dive deeper.

Hair growth takes an immense amount of energy. Your scalp requires a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to keep growing hair.

One study found that thinning scalps have 40% less oxygen than non-thinning scalps .

Because blood is responsible for carrying oxygen to your scalp, less oxygen to your scalp would seem to indicate there is less blood flow to the scalp.

Another study added more fuel to that argument. It found that thinning scalps have 2.6 times less blood flow than non-thinning scalps. That's a whopping 260% less.

This evidence seems to indicate that blood flow is important for healthy hair growth.

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Your heart must constantly supply your scalp with adequate blood flow (oxygen and nutrients) so that you keep growing hair.

But here are 3 reasons that the circulation to your scalp may not be optimal:

1. Your scalp is all the way at the very top of your body. Your heart has to work against gravity for 16-18 hours per day (while you're awake and upright). 

2. If there is narrowing of your artery walls due to fat deposits (quite common with aging), this makes it harder to get as much blood to your scalp.

3. Hypertension (quite common with aging) can damage your arteries and reduce the amount of blood that flows to your scalp.

What You Can Do To Improve Blood Circulation To Scalp

Now that you know blood circulation is important for healthy hair AND it reduces with age, let's discuss what you can do to naturally improve circulation to your scalp.

1. Massage your scalp for 20 minutes per day.

 2. Use an inversion table to hang upside down for a few minutes every day.

3. Brush your scalp vigorously 100 times twice a day (turns out your grandma was right about the importance of brushing your hair). Feel free to use our natural bamboo hair brush.

4. Use our maximum hair growth system that works from the inside and outside to improve circulation to your scalp. 

We are big proponents of good circulation to your scalp for healthy hair.

Try any of the methods above and let us know which one you like best.