What Does Purple Shampoo Do? A Comprehensive Guide

What Does Purple Shampoo Do? A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever wondered, “What does purple shampoo do?”.

So many people rave about purple shampoo, as this seemingly magical product promises to neutralize brassy tones and keep lighter hair colors looking fresh and vibrant.

But how exactly does it work? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the world of purple shampoo, explore its benefits, and provide tips on how to use it effectively for your specific hair color and type.

Short Summary

  • Purple shampoo helps to reduce yellow and brassy tones in light-colored hair, utilizing the color wheel to neutralize unwanted hues.

  • It is important to customize one’s purple shampoo routine based on individual needs, with best results achieved by leaving it in for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.

  • When selecting a product, consider its pigment intensity as well as additional benefits such as hydration and UV protection.

Understanding Purple Shampoo

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Purple shampoo is a specially formulated hair care product that contains purple pigments designed to counteract yellow and brassy tones in light-colored hair, such as blonde hair, silver and gray hair.

This makes it ideal for those with color-treated hair who want to maintain their hair’s brightness and vibrancy between salon visits.

But how does this seemingly magical product work, and what types of hair can benefit from its use?

The Science Behind Purple Shampoo

How does purple shampoo work? The secret behind purple shampoo’s effectiveness lies in the color wheel.

Purple is the direct opposite of yellow on the color wheel, meaning when combined, they neutralize each other.

Purple shampoo contains violet pigments that, when applied to the hair, deposit a small amount of color to counteract yellow and orange tones, resulting in a cooler, fresher appearance.

In addition to neutralizing brassy tones, purple shampoo also cleanses the hair like any other high-quality shampoo.

Some formulas even offer additional benefits, such as hydration and UV protection, to enhance hair health and protect color-treated hair from fading.

Types of Hair Benefiting from Purple Shampoo

While purple shampoo is most commonly associated with blonde hair, silver and gray hair, it can also benefit other hair colors that have highlights or lightened sections, such as brown or pastel-colored hair.

By neutralizing brassy tones, purple shampoo helps maintain cool tones in lightened hair, ensuring a consistent and vibrant hue.

It’s important to note that purple shampoo is not suitable for all hair types.

For example, those with very dark hair may not see any noticeable benefits from using purple shampoo, as the violet pigments are unlikely to have a significant impact on darker shades of hair.

However, for those with lighter hair colors or highlights, purple shampoo can be a game-changer in maintaining a fresh, salon-quality look at home.

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Proper Use of Purple Shampoo

To get the most out of your purple shampoo, it’s essential to use it correctly.

First, wet your hair with warm water, as this will help open up the hair shafts, allowing the purple pigments to penetrate more effectively.

Then, apply the shampoo evenly to your hair, working it into a lather, and leave it on for the recommended time before rinsing thoroughly.

Preparing Your Hair

Before using purple shampoo, it’s crucial to prepare your hair by wetting it with lukewarm water.

This step is vital, as wetting the hair allows the hair shafts to expand, facilitating better absorption of the shampoo’s violet pigments.

It is essential to ensure your hair is damp before applying purple shampoo. Take the time to make sure your hair is completely wet for the best results.

Application and Lathering

When it comes to applying purple shampoo, start by dispensing a small amount into your palms.

Rub your hands together to distribute the product evenly, then gently massage the shampoo into your wet hair, working from root to tip.

Be sure to create a rich lather, as this helps ensure the violet pigments are evenly distributed throughout your hair, providing consistent toning results.

For best results, leave the shampoo on your hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.

Timing and Rinsing

One of the most crucial aspects of using purple shampoo effectively is allowing it to sit on your hair for the recommended time, which is typically around 3-5 minutes.

This gives the violet pigments time to work their color-correcting magic, ensuring that brassy blonde hair and yellow tones are effectively neutralized.

However, be cautious not to leave the shampoo on too long, as this can result in a temporary lilac hue.

If this occurs, don’t panic - simply wash your hair with regular shampoo over the course of a few washes, and the purple tint should fade away.

Customizing Your Purple Shampoo Routine

Everyone’s hair is unique, so it’s essential to customize your purple shampoo routine to suit your specific needs.

This may involve adjusting the frequency with which you use the product or monitoring the results to ensure you’re achieving your desired hair color.

Let’s take a closer look at how to tailor your purple shampoo routine to your individual hair type and goals.

Determining Frequency

The ideal frequency to use purple shampoo will vary depending on several factors, including your hair type, color, and desired results.

It is generally advised to use purple shampoo once or twice a week. This usually proves to be enough for the majority of people.

However, you may need to adjust this frequency based on your individual needs, such as the level of brassiness in your hair or the intensity of the violet pigments in your chosen shampoo.

Blonde hair and gray hair may need to adjust frequency. Just like a regular shampoo, leave purple shampoo in your scalp for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Monitoring Results

It’s important to keep an eye on the results of your purple shampoo routine to ensure you’re achieving your desired hair color and avoiding any unwanted purple tint.

If you find that your hair is not reaching the desired level of brightness or coolness, you may need to adjust the duration of the shampoo’s application or even try a different product.

Conversely, if your hair is taking on unwanted yellow tones or an unwanted purple hue, you may need to reduce the frequency of use or the length of time the product is left on your hair.

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Purple Shampoo for Different Hair Colors

While purple shampoo is most commonly associated with blonde hair, it is also specifically designed for gray hair purple shampoo users, as well as those with silver hair.

It can also be used on various hair colors that have lightened sections or highlights.

The key is to select a purple shampoo suitable for your specific hair color and ensure proper usage to achieve the desired results.

Purple shampoo, also known as toning shampoo, can be used to help maintain the color of light blonde hair, especially for those with bleached hair.

Brown Hair with Highlights

For those with brown hair and highlights, purple shampoo can be a valuable tool in maintaining the vibrancy and cool tones of the lightened strands.

By neutralizing brassy hair tones, purple shampoo helps prevent the highlights from becoming dull and yellow, ensuring that your hair remains looking fresh and bright.

Red and Black Hair

Red and black hair can also benefit from using purple shampoo, particularly if the hair has blonde highlights or lightened sections.

In these cases, the purple shampoo can help maintain the cool tones in the lightened areas, counteracting any yellow or brassy tones that may develop over time.

However, it’s important to select a purple shampoo that is suitable for your specific hair color to ensure the best results, and to use purple shampoo at frequency that works for those colors.

Additional Benefits and Features of Purple Shampoo

In addition to its color-correcting properties, purple shampoo may offer a range of additional benefits to improve hair health and protect color.

Some formulas contain hydrating ingredients to prevent dryness, while others provide UV protection to shield your hair from the harmful effects of sun exposure.

Let’s explore these features in more detail.

Hydrating Ingredients

Purple shampoos that contain moisturizing ingredients like oils, butters, or proteins can help prevent hair from drying out, ensuring that your hair remains soft, smooth, and healthy.

Look for products with hydrating ingredients such as avocado oil, glycerin, or aloe vera extract to ensure that your hair remains nourished and moisturized while benefiting from the color-correcting properties of the shampoo.

These ingredients can help to lock in moisture and protect your hair from damage caused by heat styling.

UV Protection

Some purple shampoos offer UV protection, which can help preserve your hair color and prevent damage from sun exposure.

This is particularly important for color-treated hair, as the sun’s rays can cause fading and discoloration over time.

When selecting a purple shampoo, consider looking for products that provide UV protection to ensure that your hair remains vibrant and healthy, even when exposed to the sun.

Additionally, it’s important to know how long to leave purple shampoo in your hair for optimal results.

Choosing the Right Purple Shampoo for Your Hair

With so many purple shampoos available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your hair.

To make the selection process easier, consider evaluating the pigment intensity and any additional benefits the shampoo offers, such as hydration or UV protection.

This will help you find a product that suits your specific hair type and needs.

When looking for a purple shampoo, pay attention to the intensity of the pigment. Then use purple shampoo a few times and adjust frequency accordingly.

Evaluating Pigment Intensity

The intensity of the violet pigments in a purple shampoo can impact its effectiveness in neutralizing brassy tones.

When choosing a purple shampoo, assess the pigment intensity by examining the product’s color and reading reviews from others with similar hair types and colors.

This will help ensure that the chosen shampoo has the right level of pigmentation to achieve your desired results.

Purple shampoo can be a great way to neutralize brassy tones in blonde hair.

Considering Additional Benefits

In addition to pigment intensity, it’s important to consider any additional benefits the purple shampoo may offer.

Look for products that contain hydrating, nourishing, or UV-protective ingredients to ensure that your hair remains healthy and protected while benefiting from the color-correcting properties of the shampoo.

By considering these factors, you can find a purple shampoo that not only neutralizes brassy tones, but also promotes overall hair health and well-being.


In conclusion, purple shampoo is a versatile and effective hair care product that can help neutralize brassy tones and maintain cool tones in blonde hair and grey hair.

By understanding the science behind purple shampoo, using it correctly, and customizing your routine based on your hair type and desired results, you can achieve salon-quality hair color at home.

So, whether you have blonde hair, have silver or gray hair, or rock highlights in your brown, red, or black locks, incorporating purple shampoo into your hair care regimen can help keep your hair looking fresh, vibrant, and fabulous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will purple shampoo lighten my hair?

Purple shampoo cannot lighten hair that is not already bleached. It can only brighten and enhance the appearance of already blonde hair or gray hair by neutralizing yellow tones.

This product is great for natural blondes or those who want to maintain their blonde hair or gray hair color without having to use harsh chemicals or bleach. Use purple shampoo at a frequency that feels good for your hair tone.

How often should you use purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo should generally only be used once or twice a week in place of your usual shampoo for color-treated hair.

Doss warns that using it too often can eliminate too much yellow, resulting in darker-looking hair.

What color does purple shampoo turn your hair?

Purple shampoo helps to neutralize unwanted yellow tones on bleached, blonde, platinum or silver hair, acting as a toner that can transform it into cool, hydrated blonde.

It won’t turn your hair purple, but may make it slightly darker.

What are the benefits of purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo features crushed violet pigments to neutralize yellow tones, making it a great at-home solution for toning hair and preventing brassiness.

The tones can occur frequently in bleached hair, making a purple shampoo ideal to help in this area.

It can be used on all hair types, from light blonde hair to dark brown hair, and is an easy and affordable way to keep your hair vibrant and healthy.

How to use purple shampoo?

To use purple shampoo, wet your hair and apply the product to your roots. Gently massage it in, then work through the length of your hair. Leave it on for two to three minutes before rinsing off.

Apply a purple conditioner for nourishment and breakage prevention. If you have any further questions on "what does purple shampoo do", feel free to let us know.

Does purple shampoo damage hair?

No, purple shampoo does not damage hair. It's designed to neutralize brassy tones in blonde or gray hair. However, excessive use could potentially dry hair or temporarily tint it purple. It's crucial to follow product instructions and balance usage with a nourishing conditioner to maintain hair health.

Can purple shampoo work for very light blonde hair?

Yes, purple shampoo works effectively on all shades of blonde hair. It helps maintain a cool, ashy or platinum tone by neutralizing yellow or brassy hues.

Can I use purple shampoo for brunette hair or dark hair tone?

Purple shampoo is primarily designed for blonde, gray, or white hair. It's less effective on brunette hair or dark hair. However, brunettes with highlights or balayage can benefit, as it can help maintain the cooler tones in the lighter strands.

Can I use purple shampoo for red hair?

Purple shampoo isn't designed for red hair. Its purpose is to neutralize yellow tones, not red ones. Therefore, it won't have the desired effect on enhancing or maintaining red hair color.