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Enhance Hair Vitamins

Enhance Hair Wellness Vitamins

  • Balance hormones to stop thinning
  • 27 superfoods for hair wellness
  • 120-day money-back guarantee
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Enhance Hair Wellness Vitamins

  • Balance hormones to stop thinning
  • 27 superfoods for hair wellness
  • 120-day money-back guarantee
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$ 59.00 You Save: $-59.00
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"These are the best hair vitamins I've ever found! My hair feels so healthy!", Jess R., verified customer.

Enhance hair supplement is your new secret weapon for luscious locks! 

It’s packed with hair vitamins and hormone balancing superfoods to boost thicker, fuller hair.

Say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to a confident, gorgeous you. See results in just 2.5 months.

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Key Ingredients

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  • Doctor-Recommended
  • 120 Days Risk-Free
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Natural Ingredients

Real Transformations, Real Confidence

Amazing Results From Thousands Of Women Who Tried FullyVital

Noticed a big reduction in hair shedding in 30 days.

Reported that hair was thicker, fuller in 60 days.

Said they noticed increase hair density in 90 days.

*Results from a customer survey. July 2023.


120-day money back guarantee

What’s The Root Cause Of Thinning Hair?

Discover the one fix to all your shedding worries


Top Causes For Hair Thinning In Women

Female Hormone Imbalances

Declining female hormones cause an imbalance with dihydrotesterone (DHT), which shrinks hair follicles.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Women can develop nutritional deficiencies of essential nutrients for hair growth and health.

Stress Related Shedding

Stress hormones such as cortisol shorten the hair cycle and cause increased shedding.


Balancing & Fortifying Ingredients

Balancing Hormones

Powerful superfoods such as saw palmetto and nettle extract balance excess DHT hormone levels.

Essential Nutrients

Our formula contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals for thick, healthy hair.

Balancing Stress Levels

Powerful adaptogens such as ashwagandha and schizandra extract balance your stress hormones.

Doctor-Approved & Clinically Validated

Effectively addresses every factor contributing to your hair thinning

Doctor-Approved & Clinically Validated

Effectively addresses every factor contributing to your hair thinning

Stimulates Density

Harnessing powerful vitamins and superfoods to foster stronger, and thicker hair strands.

Provides Essential Nutrients

By infuses your body and scalp with nutrients to promotes hair regeneration for a thicker, fuller look.

Restores Hormonal Balance

Regulates hormones like DHT, revitalizing dormant hair follicles for improved growth and vitality.

Swift Visible Results

Witness noticeable hair improvements in under 90 days and regain your confidence!

Use FullyVital Vitamins in 3 Easy Steps

Achieving Thicker Hair Has Never Been This Simple!

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Two Capsules Twice A Day

Take two capsules twice a day with your meals.

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Be Consistent For Best Results

Remember to be consistent and let our formula work its magic.

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Watch Your Confidence Bloom

Watch as your confidence blooms with every new, thick luscious strand..

Formulated With 100% Natural Ingredients

Vegan, chemical-free formulas with powerful plant actives


Multiple studies show biotin improves hair health, volume and shine.


Fights hair thinning by balancing inflammation and hormones.

Nettle Extract

Balances excess dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels for thick, healthy hair.

Saw Palmetto

Natural superfood balances hormones and clinically shown to regrow hair.


Stress balancing adaptogen lengthens hair cycle and helps grow healthier hair.

French Pine Bark

Boosts circulation, oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles for thick hair.

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FullyVital Vitamins Vs The Rest

Unmatched efficiency and care for your hair

Fast Initial Results

27 Superfoods For Hair Density

3 Actives Against Hormonal Thinning

Complete Nutrients for Thick Hair

120-Day Money-Back Guarantee


2.5 months


4-6 months

Other hair vitamins

4-6 months

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Real Users. Great Results.

Enhance hair growth supplement for women
Enahnce hair vitamins for womenI've been using FullyVital hair supplement for five months and many of my balding areas are filled in!
- Lisa, McKinney
Enahnce hair growth vitamins for womenFullyVital makes the best hair vitamins for women. I just LOVE FullyVital.
- Angie Reid, Sacramento

Worried About Hair Thinning?

You're not alone, and you don't have to face it alone either.

Just like a fine wine, you only get better with age. And your hair? FullyVital serum ensures it does too! It has not only regrown and regenerated the hair of thousands but has also worked wonders in restoring their lost confidence.
Don’t just take our word for it. The proof is in the numbers:

  • 95% saw a significant decrease in hair shedding in 30 days.
  • 93% confirmed thicker and fuller hair after 60 days.
  • 90% reported new hair regrowth within 90 days.

*Data sourced from a customer survey conducted in July 2023.

4000+ Thicker Hair Success Stories

Let your hair be the story of another remarkable transformation!

“I bought the three month supply knowing hair growth takes time. I’m so excited and encouraged by my hair growth and thickness.”

Lisa Sawyer verified buyer

“My bald spots are disappearing and my hair feels so full after using this product. YAYYY!!”

Britt Carlson verified buyer

“My hair feels way thicker and my confidence is coming back. I love FullyVital.”

Megan Beeson verified buyer

“I tried every product out there including Nutrafol and Viviscal. FullyVital truly made a huge difference to my hair!!”

Cassie Reyes verified buyer

“I bought this product for my mom. She has used it for 3 months and had amazing results! She's very happy.”

Kendra Mensah verified buyer

“I've almost 45 and this product has been helping my hair and my hormonal symptoms too.”

Sarah Feldman verified buyer

“These hair growth vitamins are my favorite ever! I've been a customer for 2 years already!!”

Carol Turner verified buyer

“After my second baby, I had a lot of shedding. This product really helped me with hair growth and health!”

Nancy Golden verified buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional assistance, please reach out to us at

When can I expect to see results?

You can expect to see decreased hair shedding within 3-4 weeks, and your hair will feel noticeably healthier. More significant results, including thicker, stronger, and longer hair, become pronounced within 2-3 months of consistent use.

Why are FullyVital vitamins better than others?

FullyVital hair vitamins address multiple reasons for hair thinning with 27 powerful superfoods. They are third party tested for heavy metals and impurities. Our products come with a 120-day money back guarantee.

Are your products natural and free from drugs and chemicals?

Yes, FullyVital is completely free of drugs, hormones and chemicals.

Will FullyVital work for my hair type?

FullyVital was formulated to promote hair growth for all types of hair. While the characteristics of hair strands may vary by ethnicity, the underlying root causes that affect hair follicles can affect all people equally.

Can I take FullyVital with hormone replacement therapy?

Yes. The ingredients in FullyVital have no known interactions with estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone replacement therapy. Talk to your doctor about any change in your supplement routine.

Will it grow hair in other parts of my body?

No. Facial and body hair are triggered by different factors than the hair on our head. Saw Palmetto helps combat DHT, which may actually prevent facial hair growth.

What is your return policy?

Due to the hair cycle, it takes 90 months to regrow hair. For that reason, we have a 120-day money back guarantee. Other companies only give you a 30 day guarantee.

Rated 4.8/5 Based on 5000+ happy customers

FullyVital Turns Back The Clock On Your Hair.

Look younger, and feel sexier with every toss of your revitalized, youthful hair.

  • Regain the volume and density you deserve
  • Fortify your hair from root to tip for enduring vitality
  • Make hair thinning and bald spots a thing of the past!

Hair Growth Vitamins FAQ

Which vitamin is best for hair growth?

Vitamins are essential for a healthy scalp and hair growth, says Dr. John Cole, M.D., a renowned hair transplant surgeon in Atlanta. The best vitamins for hair growth include vitamin A, B-vitamins such as biotin and B-12 and vitamin D. Many minerals such as iron and zinc are also associated with healthier hair.

Finally, the best vitamins for hair growth also contain hair healthy herbs such as saw palmetto to balance hormones and reduce conversion from testosterone to DHT. They contain ashwagandha to balance stress and cortisol levels naturally. They contain curcumin to balance inflammation in your body. Try the Enhance hair growth vitamins today.

Does biotin really help hair?

Biotin, a vitamin often associated with hair health, can play a role in the maintenance and growth of your hair. According to a review published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (Soleymani et al., 2017), deficiency in biotin can lead to hair loss. However, this is a rare condition, and the majority of people get enough biotin from a balanced diet.

If you're thinking about taking a biotin supplement for your hair, it's important to note that there's limited scientific evidence showing that these supplements can promote hair growth in people who are not deficient in biotin.

However, biotin is used to create keratin, which helps form hair, nails and skin. Keratin protects your hair from damage.

What are the 8 vitamins for hair growth?

When it comes to promoting hair growth, certain vitamins play a crucial role. Let's explore the top eight that are particularly important.

1. Vitamin A: All cells need vitamin A for growth, including hair, which is the fastest-growing tissue in the human body. It also helps skin glands produce sebum, which moisturizes the scalp and keeps hair healthy.

2. B Vitamins: One of the best known is Biotin, which has been linked to hair growth. B vitamins also help create red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles.

3. Vitamin C: This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. It also helps your body create collagen, a key part of hair structure.

4. Vitamin D: Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to hair loss. Our bodies can produce vitamin D through direct contact with the sun's rays.

5. Vitamin E: Similar to vitamin C, vitamin E helps fight oxidative stress that contributes to hair loss.

6. Iron: Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen to our cells, which makes it an important mineral for many bodily functions, including hair growth.

7. Zinc: Zinc plays a critical role in hair tissue growth and repair. It also helps keep the oil glands around the hair follicles working properly.

8. Protein: Hair is made almost entirely of protein. Consuming enough protein is important for hair growth.

Remember, it's always best to get these vitamins from a balanced, nutritious diet, but if you can't, supplements can be an option. Always consult your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen.

Can too much vitamin D cause female hair loss?

While vitamin D is essential for hair growth, too much of it can potentially lead to hair loss. A balanced level of vitamin D helps in the creation of new hair follicles and stimulates the cells that add strength to the hair.

However, an overdose of vitamin D, called hypervitaminosis D, can lead to several health issues. As per the Mayo Clinic, this can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, and frequent urination. Problems with heart rhythm might occur and kidney stones or damage could also result.

It's crucial to note that hair loss is generally not the first symptom of an overdose of vitamin D, and other symptoms usually appear first. Moreover, such an overdose is rare and usually occurs from taking high-dose supplements for a long period.

Does hair growth vitamins really work?

Individuals who are deficient in essential vitamins or minerals see the best results from hair growth vitamins. Deficiency in zinc, iron, vitamin A and vitamin D is linked to hair loss. It's important to take hair growth vitamins consistently for a few months for best results.

Why are Enhance hair growth vitamins better than other vitamins?

Enhance hair growth vitamins address multiple reasons for hair thinning. They include multiple ingredients to balance hormones to fight thinning. For example, they contain saw palmetto, stinging nettle and pumpkin seed extract to balance hormones. They support balancing levels of stress and cortisol in the body with the help of ashwagandha and l-theanine. They support circulation, aging and nutrition to give your body everything it needs to regrow thicker, fuller hair. Start using Enhance hair growth vitamins today.

How long before I see results?

Due to the hair cycle, hair growth takes time. Our hair growth supplement addresses multiple reasons behind hair thinning to give you quick results.

You can expect to see decreased hair shedding in 1-2 months and your hair will start to feel healthier. Expect to see more pronounced results in month 3, with thicker, stronger and longer hair.

Are hair growth vitamins safe to take?

The safety of hair growth vitamins depends on the formulation. For example, vitamin A, iron and selenium are associated with hair loss if there is a deficiency or an excess. Before you purchase, make sure to review the ingredients panel and do your research on the company selling hair growth vitamins.

What is FullyVital's return policy?

If you do not like our hair growth vitamins for any reason, you can send them back to us for a a full refund (minus shipping and handling). Just email us at to start your return.

Will I grow hair in other parts of my body?

Not at all. Our ingredients balance hormones so that your scalp grows more hair but not your face or body.