How To Regrow Baby Hairs On Your Scalp?

Posted by FullyVital Team

How To Regrow Baby Hairs On Your Scalp?

Did you know that there is a specific way to regrow baby hairs on the scalp?

Baby hairs are very important because they become big hairs...

Big hairs create a a thicker, fuller head of hair. 

A thicker, fuller head of hair boosts confidence and makes people look younger and more attractive...


But First - Is It Possible To Regrow Hair

It's totally possible to regrow hair that you consider "to be gone".

The most common cause of hair thinning and hair loss is androgenic alopecia (female or male pattern loss).

During this process, the hair strand gets thinner and weaker.

Over a few hair cycles, the hair strand is so thin that it only produces a very small hair that may be invisible to people.

If this condition is not addressed, then over time the follicle may stop producing hair and may be lost for good.

However, with a certain protocol it's possible to stimulate the hair follicle to start producing hair again.

People notice these as tiny baby hairs. Over time, baby hairs become big hairs.

What's The Best Way To Regrow Baby Hair?

This is a delicate process and requires two steps.

Step 1: Cause a tiny micro-injury to the scalp using a roller.

This process causes your scalp to send healing and growth factors to the site of the micro-injury.

The growth factors and healing factors stimulate new collagen remodeling, which leads to "younger skin" on your scalp.

These growth factors also stimulate your hair follicles to start working normally. In this case, they would start producing new hair.

In one study, participants noticed 15% new hair growth using just a roller alone.

Step 2: Apply A Serum After Microneedling

In one scientific study, when subjects applied minoxodil after microneedling, they noticed 4X more hair regrowth than using the roller alone.

The roller creates temporary channels in the scalp which allow better absorption of ingredients into your hair follicles.

Our Enhance hair serum is more powerful than minoxidil. It improves circulation to the scalp and contains powerful ingredients to fight hair thinning and boost regrowth.

We recommend using our serum right after microneedling and every evening for best results.

How Can You Get Started?

Get our Gold & Grow roller and Enhance hair serum - this combination is critical for growing new baby hairs.

In addition, if you are serious about your hair wellness and want maximum results in the shortest amount of time - then make sure to get our full hair wellness system.

Keep growing!