Our Hair Growth Results

Dani Hamilton, Orlando


A couple of years ago, I noticed my hair was starting to thin.

My part was getting really wide and I was feeling really discouraged and embarrassed.

After using FullyVital for 3 months, my hair is growing in and my part is getting thinner.

It's improved my life so much because I feel so confident about my hair.


Angie Reid-Howery, San Francisco

I started losing my hair 20 years ago. After menopause, my hair was starting to get a little thin.

I felt I was not as attractive and hair loss can wreak havoc on your self-confidence.

I've tried Viviscal, Nutrafol, Cherry Bomb Vitamins, sprays, wearing hats. None of them worked for me.

I love FullyVital products. The serum makes my thin, fine hair more shiny and gives it more body.

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE FullyVital products.


Dorit Schwartz, Los Angeles

I first started seeing my hair loss 2 years ago, but lately it became really bad.

It really affected my life. I felt really insecure and started wearing hats to cover my head.

I tried different products and nothing helped until I discovered FullyVital. It made tremendous changes to my hair.

It's an amazing product and I truly love my hair now.


Lisa Williams, Dallas

I’ve tried so many products, all kinds of biotin, ashwagandha, horse's mane. I tried Nutrafol. I even tried Rogaine but it didn't help.

I've been embarrassed about my hair. I have worn caps, put makeup on my scalp to hide my bald spots.

I've not mentioned my hair loss with anyone except my inner circle.

I've been using the FullyVital system consistently for about five months and many of my balding areas are pretty filled in.

FullyVital has made a huge difference to my hair and my confidence.

I feel better about taking photographs and I don't hide my hair behind a hat.


Kristin Weitzel, Austin


I’ve been using the FullyVital system for 4-5 months now and my hair growth has really come back a lot.

My tiny hairs continue to grow in and you really can see how they are getting healthier and better.

When you see the regrowth happening and the thickness coming back then will have this moment of excitement.

It lets you walk out the door and be confident and lets you feel positive again.

So if you're even considering any products on the market or any support tools to be able to help stop the thinning or regrow your hair - stop right now this is the product.



Ana Yazdi, Los Angeles


In the last few years I started noticing thinning in the front likely that is due to hormonal changes and then in December of 2021 I got the virus and I started to lose fistfuls of hair every time I took a shower.

It was so bad that I thought I was going to have to shave all of my hair off. It was very traumatizing.

I got on the FullyVital protocol and within a month my hair stopped falling out completely.

It's been about 4 months and now I lose maybe three or four hairs when I take a shower.

I hardly lose any hair and I have hair growing back, so many baby hairs that are growing back. I am so grateful.

If you notice that you're losing hair at all start this protocol immediately you will definitely be satisfied.


Heather P., Denver

I bleach and dye my hair so often that it is so damaged from all the chemicals. When i get in the shower, it would come out in clumps.

I started using these products and it was so easy and effortless. Everyday for a few minutes I would try the product and they really work.

My hair is so healthy and so thick and there are no sparse spots on the top. If you are wondering about trying FullyVital, I totally recommend you to go for it.



Misty, Louisville

As we age, our hair changes. It's not a fun change. Thinning and breakage caused by hormones and other factors.

FullyVital is easy to use. I'm experiencing less breakage, more thickness and hair growth. Make sure to try it, I think you will really like it.