Wide Tooth Comb

Brushing your scalp daily brings a healthy amount of circulation, oxygen and nutrients for thicker, fuller hair.
  • Improve circulation for thicker hair
  • Distribute oils for shiny hair
  • Natural and eco-friendly
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Wide Tooth Comb

Brushing your scalp daily brings a healthy amount of circulation, oxygen and nutrients for thicker, fuller hair.
  • Improve circulation for thicker hair
  • Distribute oils for shiny hair
  • Natural and eco-friendly
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Product Description


Neglecting to brush due to hair thinning fears can lead to an unhealthy scalp, clogged pores, and dandruff.

Our revitalizing scalp massage brush unclogs pores and improves circulation to promote thicker and fuller hair.

Our 100% natural and eco-friendly bamboo hair brush features a bamboo handle and pins.

Get the effortlessly healthy and shiny hair you deserve - with our bamboo hair brush and scalp massage brush in one.

Every night, vigorously brush your scalp 200 times with our scalp massage brush.

After brushing, apply the Enhance hair serum all over your scalp. Leave on overnight.


We Tested 15 Hair Brushes

Our team spent months testing many different brushes. Here's how we selected the winner:

1. Must stimulate the scalp & increase circulation.

2. Must not get caught in hair or pull hair out.

3. Must be sturdy and last for years.

4. Must be safe to use, even around children.

5. Must be easy to use with different sized hands.

After months of searching, our bamboo hair brush is the winner!
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Benefits of Our Bamboo Brush

✔️ Scalp massage brush increases circulation and thickens your hair.

✔️ Gets rid of dead skin cells and allows the scalp to breathe.

✔️ Distributes sebum from the scalp to your hair, making hair look shiny & healthy.

Fully Vital bamboo brush

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How To Use The Bamboo Brush

Kristin explains how she uses our bamboo hair brush every evening for thick, healthy hair.

Why You Should Avoid Plastic Brushes

1. Plastics leech off dangerous chemicals that can get into your body.

2. Plastics contain BPA and other compounds which upset hormone balance and are linked to obesity & cancer.

3. Plastic brushes are bad for the environment and pollute our oceans.

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Bamboo Brush FAQ

Are bamboo brushes good for your hair?

Bamboo brushes are increasingly recognized for their benefits to hair health. Firstly, bamboo is eco-friendly. It's a fast-growing plant, making it a sustainable resource.

In terms of hair care, a bamboo brush is gentler on your tresses. Bamboo brushes help minimize breakage and split ends, which often happen due to harsh plastic bristles. This is especially important for women over 30, as hair can become weaker with age.

The bamboo bristles also evenly distribute natural oils from your scalp along the length of your hair. This can add shine and reduce the need for synthetic styling products.

A study from the International Journal of Trichology states that mechanical damage can cause hair shaft abnormalities. Using gentle tools like a bamboo brush helps reduce this risk.

However, everyone's hair is different. A bamboo brush may not be suitable for all hair types, especially those with very thick or tightly coiled hair.

In conclusion, bamboo brushes can be a great addition to your hair care routine. They're gentle, distribute your hair's natural oils, and are more environmentally friendly compared to plastic brushes. Start using the Fully Vital bboo brush today.

Is it okay to use a bamboo brush on wet hair?

Brushing wet hair can lead to damage as it's more prone to breakage. Wet hair has a higher elasticity than dry hair, making it more susceptible to stretching and snapping, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

However, if you must detangle your hair while it's wet, using a bamboo brush could be a gentler option compared to plastic bristles. Bamboo bristles are smooth, reducing friction and the likelihood of pulling or tearing your strands.

Also, a bamboo brush typically have widely spaced bristles, which can help minimize snagging and breakage.

Bamboo hair brush is ideal

Even so, it's always best to handle wet hair as little as possible to prevent damage. If you can, wait until your hair is at least partially dry before you begin brushing with a bboo hair brush. And remember, start from the ends and work your way up to reduce tugging at knots and causing breakage.

What are the benefits of bamboo brushes?

Bamboo brushes offer multiple benefits for your hair. They can gently detangle your hair, minimizing damage and breakage. Bamboo's natural texture helps distribute your scalp's oils along the hair shaft, which nourishes your hair and enhances shine. Also, bamboo bristles have a massaging effect on your scalp, which can stimulate blood circulation and potentially promote hair growth.

The antimicrobial properties of a bamboo brush can help keep your brush cleaner for longer, contributing to a healthier scalp environment. Furthermore, bamboo is a sustainable resource, making bboo brushes an eco-friendly choice.

How does a bamboo brush stimulate hair growth?

A bamboo brush can support hair health, which can indirectly contribute to hair growth. The bristles of a bamboo hair brush are designed to glide through hair without pulling or tugging, reducing breakage and hair loss. Plus, bamboo is known for its antimicrobial properties, which can help keep your scalp healthier.

But the main way a bamboo brush may encourage hair growth is through scalp stimulation. When you brush your hair, the bristles massage the scalp, boosting blood circulation. Increased blood flow delivers more oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, potentially supporting hair growth.

Research, including a study from the International Journal of Trichology, supports the concept that scalp massage can improve hair thickness. However, keep in mind that while a bboo brush can support a healthy scalp environment, it's just one factor in hair growth. Proper nutrition, stress management, and overall health are also important.

Does bamboo brush stimulate scalp?

Yes, a bamboo brush can stimulate the scalp. The bristles massage the scalp as you brush your hair, increasing blood flow to hair follicles. This can potentially support hair growth by delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the follicles. Bamboo bristles are also known for their antimicrobial properties, contributing to a healthier scalp environment. A study in the International Journal of Trichology highlights scalp massage as a method to improve hair thickness.

Are bamboo brushes good for frizzy hair?

Yes, bamboo brushes can potentially help with frizz. This is because they are anti-static, which means they don't generate static electricity that can contribute to frizzy hair.

Moreover, bamboo brushes are gentle on the hair and scalp, reducing breakage and split ends that can exacerbate frizz. They also evenly distribute natural scalp oils along the hair shafts, providing a natural conditioning effect that can make hair smoother and less frizzy.

However, a bamboo brush is just one part of a comprehensive hair care regimen. To effectively manage frizz, it's also important to maintain a healthy hair care routine that includes gentle cleansing, regular conditioning, and minimal heat styling.

What brush is least damaging to hair?

For minimizing hair damage, experts often recommend using a wide-tooth comb or a brush with soft, natural bristles. Brushes made from boar bristles or bamboo can be beneficial as they are gentle and distribute your hair's natural oils, promoting shine and health.

Detangling brushes can also help prevent breakage, especially when hair is wet and most vulnerable. However, it's important to remember that the way you brush matters too. Always work from the ends upward to detangle and be gentle to avoid unnecessary tension and breakage. Try a bamboo hair brush (bboo brush) for your hair.

Should you use a bamboo brush on wet hair?

Yes, you can use a bamboo brush on wet hair. Bamboo is very resistant to moisture and is naturally anti-microbial. However, your hair is most prone to damage when it's wet. We recommend brushing hair when its dry.

How long do bamboo hair brushes last?

When cared for properly, bamboo brushes can last for decades. Bamboo is naturally resistant to water damage. We recommend cleaning the your bamboo hair brush with a towel every month or two to maintain the bamboo brush in great quality.

Bamboo hair brush:

is made of bamboo wooden base and bamboo bristles. A bboo brush is very sturdy and does not break easily. It can withstand drops and is gentle on your hands and scalp.

Is a bboo brush same as a bamboo brush?

Yes, a bboo brush and bamboo brush are the same.

So why call it bboo brush:

Bboo brush is just a short form version of bamboo brush. It's used to type faster so that individuals don't have to guess the spelling of bamboo, they can just type in bboo brush.