3 Ways To Travel With FullyVital On Your Next Vacation

3 Ways To Travel With FullyVital On Your Next Vacation

There's something magical about traveling, isn't there?

Whether you are traveling to see family for the holidays, or you are taking a vacation to a gorgeous exotic destination, you always keep those memories with you.

No matter where you're headed, we suggest packing your FullyVital products with you.

Here are a few tips for making the most of FullyVital along the way:

1. You Can Pack Our Serum In Your Carry-On

Our serum bottle is light and lasts you an entire month.

And it's only 1.7 oz, so you can easily include it in your carry-on.

Don't worry, TSA isn't going to give you trouble!

Screw on the dropper cap tightly so our serum won't spill. 

It's important to be consistent for your best hair results, so make sure to take the serum with you!


2. Carry Supplement Bottle 

We recommend taking our supplement bottle with you on your trip.

It's a small enough bottle, and it contains moisture wicking packets to keep them dry and moisture-free.

Since our supplement is so easy to take, make sure to stay consistent.


3. If You'll Be Gone Less Than A Week, Skip The Roller

If you'll be gone for just a few days, skip the roller so you can travel light.

Chances are, you may not find the time to roll during your travel.

But make sure to roll before your trip and soon after you return.

 And of course, make sure to take the FullyVital thickening hairbrush with you.

Safe Travels!