How Lisa Regrew Her Hair After 8 Years Of Thinning

How Lisa Regrew Her Hair After 8 Years Of Thinning

This is a heart warming story of a woman who had previously experienced hair thinning for 8 years.

She had almost given up all hope, but she is now on the way to reclaiming her confidence and happiness. 

Watch her video below.

Who Is Lisa Williams

Lisa is a content creator and digital agency owner. 

She had been losing hair for 8 years. 

She went through a traumatic event and experienced massive hair shedding.

Lisa had tried many products on the market, including other supplements, even drugs such as minoxidil and rogaine.

Lisa had no results from these products! In fact, the chemicals burned her scalp when she put them on.

Lisa was looking for a natural solution to regrow her hair.

How Lisa Felt About Her Hair Loss

Lisa had resorted to putting makeup on her scalp to hide the balding spots.

She wore caps and felt shame about sharing her hair loss journey outside of her inner circle.

She hated the balding spots on her scalp and was always trying to hide them.

Her part had become so wide that it was obvious that she was balding. 

Lisa's Big Surprise About Hair Regrowth

Lisa was a bit skeptical about using our thickening brush to vigorously brush her scalp.

She thought she was going to lose even more hair as a result of the brushing...

But in fact, the opposite happened.

The brush stimulates blood flow to the scalp - and blood flow helps create thicker, fuller hair.

When she used the brush along with the FullyVital serum and supplement, her regrowth really improved by a lot!

What Results Has Lisa Seen With FullyVital System

Lisa learned of FullyVital on a podcast.

She bought the full system and has been using the products for the past 5 months.

She has had fantastic results with hair regrowth.

Lisa is so happy about her baby hairs, and her balding areas are being filled in.

How Lisa Feels About Her Hair Now

After using FulllyVital, Lisa is now more comfortable taking pictures.

She does not have to apply make up to her scalp to hide her bald spots.

She has stopped wearing a hat.

She has been consistent with the system. 

Her confidence is coming back, and she is excited about her new hair and her new life!

You too can have the same hair growth results. Get started with FullyVital hair growth products.