Why The Roller Is So Effective At Regrowing Hair?

Why The Roller Is So Effective At Regrowing Hair?

Rolling hundreds of micro-needles into your scalp seems painful, but did you know that is has some great results for hair regrowth?

Microneedling is very popular in the anti-aging world (our founder hosts an anti-aging podcast called Anti-Aging Hacks), and it has shown some FANTASTIC results for growing your hair.

Hair Growth Benefits Of Using Roller On Scalp

According to many scientific studies, consistent use of a roller on the scalp has been shown to regrow 15-40% of your hair.

Using a roller by itself can stop hair thinning and regrow 15% of your hair. When used with other techniques, the number could be as high as 40%. Those are some fantastic results.

Scientific studies have shown some great regrowth results. In a study lasting 6 months, subjects had better hair density with microneedling + minoxidil than 5% Minoxidil alone.

Over 3 months, microneedling when added to PRP and minoxidil showed better perceived results than just PRP and minoxidil.

There have been many more studies recently and they all find a positive association with hair regrowth for patients with thinning hair. As you can see, the benefits of frequent rolling are quite profound.

How To Use The Roller For Hair Regrowth

Using the roller is quite simple. Follow the movements below and apply firm yet gentle pressure on your scalp as you roll.

1. Roll 8 times in a vertical movement on your scalp (back and forth).

2. Roll 8 times in a horizontal movement (left to right and vice versa).

3. Complete two diagonal movements (at 45 degree) angles 6 times each (back and forth).

How Often To Roll Your Scalp

To get maximum benefits from your hair growth efforts, here is our recommended schedule for rolling your scalp.

1. When you first begin using the roller, we recommend twice a week sessions (for example Sunday and Wednesday evening).

Tip: Make sure to use our full hair regrowth system for maximum results.

2. After 3 months, you can begin to ease the roller schedule. Roll once every week (for example on Sunday)

3. After 6 months, you can ease the schedule even more. Roll every 2-3 weeks (for example on Sundays)

Scalp Care Before And After Rolling

It's important to maintain proper hygiene to ensure no germs get into your scalp during your rolling session. Here are our tips to ensure you have a safe and effective rolling experience.

Step 1: Make sure your scalp is clean and free of products. It's preferable to shampoo your scalp before rolling.

Step 2: Place your roller in a 70-90% alcohol solution for 10 minutes (can purchase from any pharmacy or grocery store). This action will disinfect your roller.

Step 3: On damp or dry hair, use the roller as described above (takes 5-15 minutes, depending on how much of your scalp you are rolling).

Step 4: After you complete your session, clean the roller with soap and water and place back into it's protective case.

Step 5: Apply a serum to your scalp while the channels are open (we recommend the Enhance hair growth serum - it's all natural and has great hair growth results).

Other Important Considerations When Using A Roller

What areas of scalp to cover: Roll on all areas of hair thinning. If you want to go above and beyond, roll the entire front, top and sides of your scalp.

What's The Best Roller To Buy: You have likely seen cheap plastic rollers on Amazon. We recommend you not use the cheap disc rollers as those are made from metal discs and they are puncture your scalp and cause damage.

We recommend a high quality surgical stainless steel roller with individual needles that are inspected visually for defects (such as our Gold & Grow Derma Roller).

How long does a roller last: We recommend using our roller for about 3 months or about 16 uses. It's important to replace the roller after that time.

The needles can become blunted with frequent use, so it's essential to replace the roller to avoid damage to your scalp.

Risks: There are minimal risks with using our roller if you follow our instructions above.

Ensuring the roller and your scalp are clean will eliminate the risks. What to do if you drop the roller:

Take good care of the roller during and after your microneedling sessions. If you drop the roller, it can blunt the stainless steel needles and can cause punctures in your scalp.

It's best to replace a roller instead of using a damaged roller on your scalp.

Is It safe to apply a serum after a rolling session?: We recommend using our 100% natural Enhance hair growth serum after a rolling session.

The roller causes the channels to open in your scalp, which can enhance the delivery of our serum to your hair follicles.

Keep growing, friends.