The ULTIMATE Natural Hair Growth Plan Revealed

Fully Vital Ultimate hair wellness plan

Do you want to grow maximum amount of hair in the fastest time using safe and natural ways? If so, read on.

Other companies will tell you to wait 3-6 months to see hair growth results.

Do you have 6 months to wait around to see if something works? Because we don't :).


The Ultimate Natural Hair Growth Plan


Every evening, brush your scalp vigorously 200 times with the natural bamboo Goldilocks bamboo hair brush.

Brush all sections of your scalp and apply a decent amount of pressure on your scalp. It will feel really good once you get used to it.


After brushing, apply the Enhance hair growth serum to all thinning areas of your scalp. Massage it in with your hands. Leave-in overnight and do not rinse out.

The serum will be completely absorbed by the morning and you can style your hair without needing to wash it.

This will provide even better penetration of our ingredients and boost your hair growth results many times over.


Take the Enhance hair vitamins twice a day with meals. Make sure to include healthy fats with your meals.

These will increase absorption of the nutrients, vitamins and superfoods into your bloodstream.

Once these vital nutrients hit the bloodstream, they will be delivered to your scalp and provide it with the essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.


Twice a week (for example Sunday and Wednesday), use the Gold Derma Roller to microneedle your scalp in all areas of thinning.

You can also optionally use it all over your scalp.

Rolling with the correct depth of roller has been clinically shown to grow hair on the scalp.

After rolling, make sure to apply the Enhance hair serum to your scalp.

How To Use FullyVital

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Follow the max hair protocol above for 3 months and then you may start to ease up a bit.

Curious on how we created this plan? Keep reading till the end...

Supplies Required For Ultimate Hair Growth Plan

1. Enhance hair growth serum

2. Goldilocks bamboo hair brush

3. Enhance hair vitamins

4. Gold Derma Roller

or you can get the bundle and get 2 FREE products

Hair growth results

Why Doing The Full System Is So Important

1. Brush Scalp Vigorously 100 Times Every Evening:

Improves blood circulation, delivery of nutrients to your scalp and gets rid of dead cells so your hair serum can penetrate even more effectively.

The temporary redness after vigorous brushing causes micro-inflammation. Your body responds to the micro-inflammation by sending healing and growth factors.

These factors have a rejuvenating effect on your scalp, creating thicker and fuller hair.

Turns out grandma was right about brushing your hair (and scalp). 

Note: you can choose to brush your hair as well, but it's most important to brush your scalp.


2. Apply Serum Every Day:

Our Enhance hair growth serum is made up of powerful plant-based ingredients that balance the negative effects of hormones, reduce stress on hair follicles and act as a strong anti-oxidant to help grow fuller, thicker and longer hair

The ingredients in our serum have been clinically proven in many scientific studies to regrow hair.

Our serum is light-weight and gets completely absorbed by the morning so you don't need to wash your hair.

It is essential to use the serum every evening for best results. You do not need to wash your hair the next day. You can reapply the serum the following night.


3. Take The Supplement Twice A Day:

Our Enhance hair supplement has  a blend of powerful blend of natural vitamins, minerals and superfoods that have been shown to address hair thinning from within (according to multiple scientific studies). 

Take our supplement twice a day with meals to address your body's imbalances from within (hormones, stress, nutritional deficiencies, antioxidants, poor circulation).

It includes ashwagandha, biotin, saw palmetto, vitamin D, K, folate, zinc and many other superfoods for healthy hair.

Our supplement has been crafted using carefully sourced clean ingredients to help you boost the health of your hair follicles.

Pro Tip: Add healthy fats to your meal, they help boost absorption of the supplement by your body.


4. Roll Your Scalp Twice A Week:

For the first 3 months, we recommend rolling your scalp twice a week with the Gold & Grow roller.

This quick procedure brings healing and growth factors to your scalp. It reorganizes collagen and elastic and improves the quality of the skin on your scalp.

The improvements to your hair follicle create new hair growth.

It's a safe procedure with HUGE hair growth benefits.

If you are unable to roll twice a week, try to roll at least once per week. It's really important for fast hair growth results.

After rolling, make sure to apply the Enhance hair serum right away - while the micro-channels to your hair follicle cells are still open.



How Our Products Work Together

All of our products have been designed based on strong scientific evidence. They have been formulated to work in tandem to BOOST the health and vitality of your scalp and hair.

The brush gets rid of dead cells on your scalp so that our serum can penetrate deeper and be more effective. 

The roller creates micro-injury which causes your body to begin the healing process and start growing new hair. 

Our serum contains powerful actives (such as copper tri-peptides, centella asiatica) that help your scalp heal faster. Our serum also supports healthy circulation to the follicles, so that they can grow thicker, fuller hair.

Our supplement contains the building blocks of collagen so that your scalp can reorganize and create younger skin as part of the healing process.

Our supplement balances hormones naturally, contains superfoods for hair and supports healthy circulation to send the superfoods all the way to your scalp.

Got questions? Check out our FAQ page for all the answers!